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School Fees

Instructional Fees for ALL Riser Middle School Students is $40.

You may choose to pay these fees in one lump sum OR you may choose to pay $20 at the beginning of each semester (September/January).  These fees are used to provide Riser Middle School’s faculty, staff, and students with the necessary materials to ensure a safe, fun, and technologically up-to-date classroom and campus.  In the past, school fees have helped purchase computers, science equipment, ELA novels, classroom printers, workbooks,  and various other supplies.  

TO PAY IN-PERSON:  When picking up chromebooks and other materials, please bring CASH to the library.  Fees will be collected by Ms. Touchstone.

TO PAY ONLINE:  Visit the RMS homepage and click on the fee payment option under the Main Links tab on the far right.