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Mrs Smith


Parents and students: 

I would like to wish all of you well during this time.  I sincerely hope to see all of my students at school on April 14th.  During this time at home, there are a few things that your student could work on.  

We are all concerned with this month long break in their schooling.  I have prepared some online assignments for every class. Before we let out on Friday, March 13th, I asked all of the students to take home their log in information for Khan Academy and Study Ladder.  If online access is available, I recommend that your student work on one of these sites at least 45 minutes every day. They may also work on Prodigy. I will be checking these sites for their scores as well as updating individual assignments as needed.  Please take some time and make sure they work on their skills needed for their return to school. 


Betsy Smith

Teacher, Riser Middle School


Homework Assignments:  Websites

If anyone needs their logins, message me on Google Classroom, I will check two to three times daily. 

Khan Academy:

Study Ladder:









Mrs Smith

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