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                 Ms. Sullivan 

March 9-13

Monday: We will work on scale drawings Text pages 210-211    workbook pages 231-232

Tuesday Text page 216-219      Workbook pages 235-236       ****worksheet

Wednesday: Quiz on scale drawings      ***Leap review

Thursday : Intro lesson 23  Text pages 225-229        ******worksheet on volume

Friday workbook pages 247-229 (weekly grade)    



March 2 -6

This week we will learn to find circumference and area of a cicle during math class. During enrichment class they will I will go back and teach area of composite figures as all but 12 failed last week’s test. Retest on Thursday. THEY MUST STUDY AT HOME!!!!!

Monday:Begin lesson 21 Textbook pages 198-199        *****Video to review area    HOMEWORK: worksheet on circumference

Tuesday: Text pages 200-201  and workbook pages 219-222  ****** worksheet on area      HOMEWORK. complete workbook pages

Wednesday: Text pages 202-205                     TEST on area of composite figures                       HOMEWORK: workbook pages 223-226

Thursday Text pages 206-209   workbook pages 227-228 (GRADE)  Study for test

Friday: TEST on lesson 21  and LEAP practice 





We are going to begin finding area of composite figures Tuesday. New skill and will require a lot of work. 

February 24-29

Monday: Review angles worksheet/ computer activity   ****no homework

Tuesday: Textbook pages 188-189       workbook pages 209-210    *****homework 211-212

Wednesday: Textbook paes 192-193     ****workbook pages 213-214   

Thursday: Textbook pages 194-197    **** study guide for test tomorrow

Friday: TEST on area of composite figures



February 18-21 

We will be in our Geometry Unit all week.

Tuesday:Quiz on terms /Angle measures     *****study vocabulary

Wednesday; Text pages 180-181     Workbook pages 197-198 *****worksheet for homework

Thursday Review Lesson 18 TEST on Lesson 18

Friday work on a review packet



Febuary 10-14

Monday and Tuesday we will review Unit 3 with textbooks and worksheets

Wednesday  Test on unit 3

Beginning Thursday we will begin our Geometry Unit: Identifying angles

Thursday   Introduce Lesson 18 on angles , vocabulary , Text pages 172- 173    ****homework wookbook pages 191-192

Friday  Textbook pages 174-177  and workbook 193-194







Tuesday: Review Distributive Property Lesson 14       QUIZ        *****workbook pages 147-148

Wednesday: Lesson 15 in textbook  pages 136-137 ***homework  workbook pages 147-149

Thursday: Lesson 15 pages 138-139    ****skill sheet for homework

Friday textbook pages 140-141    workbook pages 153-154   *****no homework












Plans for Jan.13- 17

Monday: Begin Unit 3 (Combing like terms) Text pages 126-127   workbook pages 141-142  *****worksheet

Tuesday: Lesson 14 Text pages 128-129      Workbook pages 143-144  Begin Diagnostic testing  ****** worksheet

Wednesday: Lesson 14 Day 3 pages 130-131 text     Pages 145-146 workbook  ****completed workbook pages

Thursday: Lesson 14 Day 4 pages 132-133 in text       Workbook pages 147-148         STUDY TEST TOMORROW

Friday Text pages 134-135 / workbook pages 150-151       TEST on Lesson Unit 3 Lesson 14




Welcome back after the Christmas Holidays. There will be a lot of work because we are on the downhill slide for LEAP.

We will be reviewing, Lessons 9-13, this week. 

Jan. 6-10, 2020

Monday: Reviewing decimals and %     *****worksheet

Tuesday: Review unit rate / complex fractions   *****worksheet

Wednesday: Review proportional relationships 

Thursday: Review all of unit 2 skills  ****study Guide

Friday TEST on Unit 2   (1st grade for 3rd nine weeks)

REMEMBER we are halfway through the school year.



Monday *****retest  Lesson 12

Tuesday: Lesson 13  pages112-115     *****homework worksheet

Wednesday: Lesson 13 pages 116-117      ****** homework study for test tomorrow

Thursday: Test on % equations and % proportions




Dec.2 – Dec.6

Monday: Review on mid unit lessons 9-12

Tuesday: Introduce lesson 13   Text pages 102-105   workbook pages 113-114   *****homework worksheet

Wednesday: Textbook pages 106-107        workbook pages 115-116    *****complete workbook pages

Thursday: Text pages 108-111        workbook pages 117-118             ******workbook pages 119-120

Friday: TEST on lesson 12




Weekly objectives: 1. write equations       2 graph proportional relationships    3. explain points on a graph

Monday: Text pages 94-97       workbook pages 107-108    ***homework workbook 105-106

Tuesday: Text pages 98-99          workbook pages 109-110     ***homework work sheet

Wednesday: Text pages 100-101                  Quiz                 worksheet

Thursday: TEST on lesson 11    

Nov.4 – 8

We are beginning a new unit today on ratio,rate,proportions

Monday: Review equvalent fractions and dividing fractions

Tuesday: Text pages 78-81    workbook page 87-88    ****homework workbook page 89-90

Wednesday: Text page 82-83          workbook pages 91-92    *****homework is a worksheet

Thursday: Text pages 84-85      workbook pages 93-94        +++++test tomorrow on Lesson 9 pages 78-85

Friday: Lesson 9 TEST


Oct.28 – Nov. 1

Monday: Makeup any missed work/ study unit 1 skills

Tuesday: Review unit 1 skills 

Wednesday: Study guide for unit 1 skills

Thursday: UNIT ! TEST


Oct. 21-25

Monday: Text pages 70-73    wkbk page 75-76 *homework

Tuesday: Review lesson 8 on computer

Wednesday: TEST

Thursday: Review all of Unit 1 Lessons 1-7   ***homework  review sheets

Friday: Continue review of unit 1




Monday : Lesson 7 text pages 54-55      workbook 59-60         study guide

Tuesday: Text pages 56-57            workbook pages 61-62      TEST ON fractions 

Wednesday: Text pages 58-59                          workbook pages 63-64        ***homework complete wkbk pages

Thursday: Text pages 60-63                          wkbk. pages 65-66 ***complete for homework

Friday: TEST on lesson 7 Adding/subtracting fractions/mixed numbers



Oct.1-4   Weekly objective: multiply/divide fractions and decimals (positive and negative)

Tuesday:Text pages 44-45                 wkbk. pg. 49-50            worksheet for homework

Wednesday: Text pg. 46-47               wkbk. 51-51             complete workbook pages for homework

Thursday: Quiz on multiplying                       text page 48-49               wkbk. 53-54

Friday: text pages 50-53                          wkbk. 55-56 (grade)                    Quiz on multiplying/dividing


Sept. 23-27

Weekly Objectives: TLW convert fractions to decimals       TLW identify terminating/repeating decimals

                              TLW review integer operations

Monday: Textbook pages 34-35       workbook pages  39-40          worksheet****homework

Tuesday: Textbook pages 36-39        workbook pages 41-42          worksheet ***homework

Wednesday: Textbook pages 41-43     workbook  pages 43-44     Quiz on fractions/decimals

Thursday :  Work on long division terminating/repeating decimals

Friday: TEST on lesson 5   also review of lessons 1-4 (on test)




Plans for Sept 9-13

OBJECTIVE: TLW  add and subtract integers

Monday. Text pages 14-17    workbook pages 19-22

Tuesday: Text pages 18-19     workbook 23-24

Wednesday: Text pages 20-21   workbook 25-26  worksheet   *****mid week quiz on lesson 3

Thursday:  Text  pages 22-23  Edulastic    Study guide

Friday: TEST on lesson 3    Edulastic        number puzzle






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