Counselor's Corner

Riser Middle School Counselors:
Mrs. Hodges: 8th Grade & A-K 7th Grade

Mrs. McFarland: 6th Grade & L-Z 7th Grade

As counselors, we understand that parents may have questions regarding their children transitioning from grade to grade or from elementary to middle school.  Our role as a school counselor is to help ALL students grow through developmental challenges and to help each student reach his or her potential academically, personally and socially.

Some of the services that will be provided to students include:
Scheduling classes
Counseling students individually
Counseling students in small groups
Scheduling conferences
Providing access to community resources
Making appropriate referrals

Possible topics that maybe discuss include:
Class assignments/coursework
Conflict Management/Resolution

If you need to speak to us, please call Riser Middle School @ 318-387-0567, ext: 230 and 231.